Product FAQ

Can I personalise my products? 

Yes, certain products can be personalised at an extra charge. If you’re interested in personalising your product, all you need to do is drop us an email at, we’ll take you through the stages of personalising your item and quote price accordingly.

What if I’ve had something personalised and I’ve made a mistake? 

We are sorry that we are unable to give refund on items that you have chosen to have personalised unless we are at fault. We are, however, happy to give the option of trial before purchase. 

 We ask you to type your personalised message or address and options carefully and double-check it before sending your order. 

We will confirm your message/address/option back to you by email before proceeding with the engraving and making, so please make sure your contact details are correct at check out. 

If you make a mistake, or you want to update your item (a change of address, for example) we are happy to make those changes on your behalf, at a reasonable price. Please email us for advice at

How accurate are the colours on screen? 

We have tried our utmost to get as true a representation as possible of the colour and texture of our fabrics. Depending on the make, settings and resolution of your computer, and the individual character of the fabric itself, there may be some variation between what you see on screen and what you get. 

On more expensive items we are happy to send you a swatch of our actual fabrics on request.

What sort of Fabrics are you using? 

We are using exclusively non-animal origin fabrics. We follow wherever the innovation takes us. Please look at our L&E TLC part of this FAQ to see what fabrics we’re using and how to take care of them.

How can I clean and look after my product? 

Do you do repairs if I need one doing? Yes and yes, please look at our L&E TLC part of this FAQ for more information on taking care of your product. If any repair is needed we will track down the same craftsman that made your bag and have him repair it for you.  

Please note, you will be charged for this service, we will quote price once we receive and asses damage. You may ask for a quote before sending us your bag for repair, we will be more than happy to give you an estimate.

What’s your policy on packaging? 

We aim for the best protection and presentation to suit the value of the product and bearing in mind it is often sent as a gift. At the same time, we make a conscious effort to use locally sourced, eco-friendly and as little as possible packaging wherever possible. 

Most of our shipping materials can be re-used or are made form recycled materials. If you buy as a gift and wish to have it wrapped please make sure you check gift option on checkout.

Where can I buy your products? 

L&E is available to view and buy exclusively on this website. By dealing directly with our customers we believe that we deliver a friendly, responsive and supportive service.